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Pawlik Hardwood Floors has a tradition of fine hardwood floor installation and refinishing in the Shenandoah Valley. Hardwood floors offer natural beauty, durability and ease of maintenance, that make hardwood floors the right choice for your next flooring project.

Installation: Pawlik Hardwood Floors offers top quality Mullican© hardwood flooring for new installation. Choose a prefinished floor if you want to quickly finish an area without the smell and dust of a traditional installation or refinishing. Choose an unfinished floor if you want to match other wood in the area or you have a special design that is required. Either way, Pawlik Hardwood Floors will ensures that your project will go quickly and smoothly.

Refinishing: Pawlik Hardwood Floors is the right choice for your hardwood refinishing jobs. Whether the floor is an 100 year old first time refinishing or a newer floor that shows wear and tear, Pawlik's professional sanding and refinishing will make your floor look almost like it's new. Pawlik Hardwood Floors uses fine finishes that offer wonderful colors and hard tough finishes that weren't available even 20 years ago.

Specialty Borders and Inlays: Created in-house by Pawlik Hardwood Floors' staff or purchased in association with Oskosh Floors© beautiful custom inlays and borders provide those special accents to your most elegant rooms. Choose from many beautiful designs or have Pawlik's create you own special pattern. Pawlik Hardwood Floors is ready to add the extra touch to make your wood floor job turn out... "just right."

For worry free, quality hardwood installation and refinishing, contact Pawlik Hardwood Floors at 540-474-3011 or email us.